Peter Sylvester

Peter Sylvester

Motorcycles were quite useful in Paris, besides busses they are a nice way to get around. Unfortunately, there are too many, today. Spending 5 days and 2500km in the French and Italian Alpes, or more, was always fun. There are boats, they move a little bit slower. Lots of canals in France and around.

Von dem Willen beseelt, als gleichberechtigtes Glied in einem vereinten Europa dem Frieden der Welt zu dienen, ja das ist was feines. Hiermit bestätigen wir, dass wir uns zur freiheitlichen demokratischen Grundordnung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland bekennen und keine Aktivitäten entfalten, die der freiheitlichen demokratischen Grundordnung widersprechen. Sicher ist sicher! Wohlmeinender Anarchist bleib ich also deshalb.

Ein Mensch unter Beobachtung ist niemals frei; und eine Gesellschaft unter ständiger Beobachtung ist keine Demokratie mehr. Deshalb müssen unsere demokratischen Grundrechte in der virtuellen Welt ebenso durchgesetzt werden wie in der realen. (Umberto Eco, Tom Stoppard, Paul Auster, Jonathan Littell, J. M. Coetzee, Elfriede Jelinek, T. C. Boyle, Peter Sloterdijk et al.)

The sections on this page contain an extract of my work, the text is organised in rough inverse chronological order. You might want to read this bottom up. In Google, sometimes this page disappeared.

Illegitimi non carborundum

EdelWeb, GCTech and ON-X since 1995 (EdelPhase) Ubi bene, ibi patria

After having worked in public research institutes, now living from commercial activities in another country and creating a company. The company was sold twice, and IBM liked our logo (, as do others).

In 1995, I spent an evening to add another dimension to the java sample three-dimension wire-frame display applet to learn a bit of the new java hype. This was 20 years after having seen a film presented at one of the Annual Mathematical Conference in Bonn produced picture by picture to visualise four dimensions and functions from ℂ to itself like square roots, exponentiation or logarithm.

INRIA 1992-1994 (phase Unix)Fortes fortuna adiuvat

INRIA convinced me that it would good for me to spend some time in Rocquencourt near Paris allowing them to benefit a bit of my previous work, and for me to learn something new. I jumped into the Unix world and became a member of the COMISO group at INRIA.

We developed automatisation tools for the message handling operation and supervision, thus, after a short time, we all had lots of time for research.

EARN Office France 1991 (Phase IBM/VM) Quid sit futurum cras, fuge quaerere

GMD had started shutting down all mainframe activities, and, in particular, their IBM MVS facilities. Networking was well on road in Germany. I decided to take a break and took a sabbatical year (from GMD) to worked at the EARN Office near Paris as technical staff member (Paris is in France which is in Europe on Earth, Solar System, Milkyway, The Universe, Et Dieu créa

GMD 1981-1990 (Phase 2 IBM MVS) Ne discere cessa

After I graduated at the University of Bonn in 1981, I worked with Volker Blasius at the IBM center of GMD. Volker explains the history of GMD quite well. GMD does no longer exist, the institutes have been integrated into the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

University Bonn and GMD 1973-1981 (Phase IBM MVT and MVS)Nam quod in iuventus non discitur, in matura aetate nescitur. Gaudeamus igitur iuvenes dum sumus.

I studied Mathematics at the University of Bonn, and graduated in 1981 with a work on Über die Anzahl geschlossener Geodätischer kompakter Mannigfaltigkeiten negativer Krümmung. (The number of closed geodesics on compact manifolds with negative curbature). A zero curbature compact manifold is a torus, think about the straight circles you can have there. Since 1975 I also worked on an internship at GMD.

Once upon a time ... Fiat lux

Coming to the initial singularity:


Hello, World.

Ach ja, alles wahr. Das Sexualleben der Borstenschweine ist bisher nicht ausreichend untersucht worden. Die Konsequenzen dieser Ignoranz für die Weiterentwicklung der Menschheit sind unüberschaubar. Allerdings müssen wir vorher noch wichtige andere Angelegenheit erledigen.

My first attempts of computer programming was on an Olivetti Programma 101 in 1971 (if one can call this a computer). I still want to remake an emulation of the machine and to remember my award winning prime number program.

The picture is part of the Programma 101 Web.